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Download fixes from Fix Central

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How do you download fixes from Fix Central?


Fix Central provides fixes and updates for your system's software, hardware, and operating system.

You can access Fix Central at

Detailed Process Steps

  1. If you do not have an IBM ID, you will need to register for your ID first. You can go directly to the My IBM registration page, or you can get to it from the register now link on the Fix Central page.
  2. For more information on Fix Central, click on the Getting started with Fix Central link.
  3. There are two different ways you can find the fixes available for your product.
    1. Select product
      1. Product Group: Select “Other Software”
      2. Product: Select the appropriate product
      3. Installed Version: Select the appropriate installed version for your product
      4. Platform: Select the appropriate platform
      5. Click Continue

    2. Find product
      1. Product selector: Start typing the name of your product and select the appropriate product
      2. Installed Version: Select the appropriate installed version for your product
      3. Platform: Select the appropriate platform
      4. Click Continue

  4. Select how you want to search for fixes for your product version.

  5. Select the fixes that you want to download, or click on the links to Release Notes, and click Continue

  6. Select your download option and click Continue

  7. Follow the instructions to complete the download based on the option you chose above.

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17 May 2022