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Domino server mail rule restricting attachment size does not work using local replica



In Lotus Domino, a server mail rule is created to restrict users from sending attachments greater than 6MB. When an attempt to send mail through the server with attachments greater than 6MB in size, an error is received making the user understand that the message cannot be sent with a large attachment:

    "The mail is rejected by rule"

When users are using a local replica to send mail, the mail rule does not generate the same error. Users believe that the messages have been sent, but the mails remains in the local outbox.

Resolving The Problem

This issue has been reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# RDER6ZZS8W.


1. Change the server mail rule action from "don't Accept Message" to "don't Deliver Message - send NDR Full". The message will be transferred to the server but immediately returned as a NonDelivery Report:

    "Message rejected for policy reasons".

2. Add custom text to this failure reason in the Server Configuration document setting Router/SMTP >Advanced > Controls Failure Messages: Restriction failure: "You could have too many attachments".

Note: This text applies to all restrictions on the Router/SMTP > Restrictions and Controls > Restrictions and Outbound controls tab so the text may have to list multiple reasons for rejecting.

Internal Use Only

Contributor: Tony P O'Neill, per tech review

A Domino server mail rule to restrict attachments greater than a certain size from being sent does not work using a local replica.

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16 June 2018