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Documentation updates for Cognos® Insight 10.2.2 FP3

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This release of IBM® Cognos® Insight has the following new features: - Repeat leaves spread now available in consolidated cells - Dynamically aggregate members in an explore point These features are described in this technote


Repeat leaves spread now available in consolidated cells

Repeat Leaves Spread is now an option in the Data Spread dialog box when you type a value into a consolidated cell whose child data items do not contain values.

If the consolidated cell is targeted by a rule, the Data Spread dialog box will open only if it is enabled in IBM® Cognos® TM1® Performance Modeler.

In Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler, open the Application Design pane and double-click the application name to display the Application Design tab. Select the Spread on Rule Derived Consolidated Cells setting and save. Then deploy the application.

Dynamically aggregate members in an explore point

You can dynamically aggregate members in an explore point under a new parent element. The parent element is displayed in the explore point, and in the overview area and the crosstab, if applicable.

This capability is available only for IBM® Cognos® Insight workspace (.cdd) files. It can be used when working in standalone mode or distributed mode with an IBM Cognos TM1® server but not when working in connected mode.

To aggregate members in an explore point, click the members to be combined, and then click the Create total element icon . The aggregated members are displayed under a parent member called Consolidated total.

To remove the aggregation, click the Remove total element icon .

Configuring dynamic member aggregation

This capability has to be configured separately for each Cognos Insight workspace (.cdd) file.

1. Extract the files in a Cognos Insight workspace (.cdd) file with a file archive program.
2. Open cdfDashboardModel.xml with a text editor.
3. Add the expPointConsTotalShow="true" attribute to the dashboards element.
4. Save the file and compress the extracted files back into a Cognos Insight workspace (.cdd) file.
5. Open the Cognos Insight workspace (.cdd) file in Cognos Insight.

The dynamic member aggregation capability is now available for this workspace.

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15 June 2018