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This document provides clarification on the possible settings of the ViewConsolidationOptimizationMethod configuration parameter for the TM1 server.


This parameter defines the method used to achieve view consolidation optimization when the ViewConsolidationOptimization parameter is enabled on the IBM® Cognos® TM1® server.

Parameter type: optional, static.

There are two methods that ViewConsolidationOptimization can use to calculate and store consolidations: ARRAY or TREE. The ARRAY method stores consolidations in a temporary array. The TREE method stores consolidations in a tree.

ViewConsolidationOptimizationMethod should be set to TREE in most circumstances. This setting provides the best performance in normal operations.

In rare instances, using the TREE method can result in a degradation of performance. In such an instance, try setting the parameter to ARRAY. For example, in the uncommon circumstance when dimensions have just a few leaf elements rolling up to many consolidations, ViewConsolidationOptimizationMethod should be set to ARRAY.

To set this parameter, add the appropriate line to your configuration file:




If ViewConsolidationOptimizationMethod is not explicitly set in the Tm1s.cfg file, the ARRAY method is used by default, as this maintains consistency with previous version of TM1 before the ViewConsolidationOptimizationMethod parameter was introduced.

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17 June 2018