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Documentation update: Adding commentary at the cell level not documented in TM1 Web User Guide



As of IBM Cognos TM1 release, you can add comments to cells in TM1 Web. However, this feature is not described in the 10.2.2 version of the TM1 Web User Guide.

Resolving The Problem

In a future release, the following topic will be added to the "Editing Data in a Cube View" section of the TM1 Web User Guide.

Adding commentary at the cell level
You can add or view comment text in any cell in a cube view.

Comments that you attach to a cell in TM1 Web can be viewed in IBM Cognos
Insight (Standalone mode) or in IBM Cognos Performance Modeler. To delete a
comment, you can purge commentary from the Cognos TM1 Applications portal.
For more information, see "Configuring commentary on applications" in the IBM
Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler User Guide


1. In TM1 Web, select the cell in which you want to add or view comment text.
2. To add a comment, follow these steps:
    a. Right-click the cell and click Add Comment.
    b. Type the text for the comment.
   Tip: A small red triangle appears in the corner of the cell to indicate that
    the cell has commentary attached to it.
3. If the cell already has comments, click Browse Comments.
    A table appears that lists each comment, along with the user name and the date
    that the comment was added.

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15 June 2018