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DLT1 VS80 Configuration Information for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server

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Configuration Information for DLT1 VS80 Drives


Benchmark DLT1, VS80
Benchmark VS640
Dell PowerVault 110T DLT1, VS80e
HP StorageWorks DLT vs80
IBM 40/80GB DLTVS80 (59P6719)
IBM 40/80GB Half-High DLTVS (24P2398)
Quantum DLT VS80

1. When defining a device class for DLT1 drive, use

  • devtype=DLT
  • format=<DRIVE | DLT1 | DLT1C>

    DEFine DEVclass devclassname DEVType=DLT FORMAT=DLT1 .....
    DEFine DEVclass devclassname DEVType=DLT FORMAT=DLT1C .....

    DLT1 - Specifies that the Tivoli Storage Manager server writes data that uses the DLT1 recording format. This format result in a cartridge capacity of 40 GB using DLT IV media.

    DLT1C - Specifies that the Tivoli Storage Manager server writes data that uses the DLT1 recording format with compression. This format result in a cartridge capacity of about 80 GB using DLT IV media.

2. 40 GB native capacity and approximate 80 GB with 2:1 compression

3. Device identifications and firmware levels
    Benchmark DLT1, VS80
    Device ID : BNCHMARK DLT1 --- Firmware : 5032
    Benchmark VS640 (internal drive in Benchmark VS640 autoloader)
    Device ID : BNCHMARK VS640 --- Firmware : 5032
    Dell PowerVault 110T DLT1, VS80e
    Device ID : DELL DLT1 --- Firmware : v27
    HP StorageWorks DLT vs80
    Device ID : HP DLT1 --- Firmware: 5032
    Device ID : HP DLT VS80 -- Firmware: 583B (TSM
    Quantum DLT VS80 (TSM 5.3.2)
    Drive ID : BNCHMARK DLT1
    Firmware : 5E40

4. Supported media
  • Only DLT IV cartridges are supported.
  • DLT III and III XT cartridges are not supported.

5. For DLT1 users migrating from the TSM Levels prior to
    If you are using DLT1 drives in a device class that was defined in a version of TSM prior to 5.1.6, you must take action to correct an error in the TSM database. These versions of TSM stored incorrect format information for these drives.

    These are the steps you must follow to correct the database. These steps only apply to users who already have DLT1 drives defined in TSM. Users who defined a devclass for DLT1 in 5.1.6 or later may ignore this item.

    a. After migrating to the new software and starting the TSM Server, prevent any mounts to these drives from occurring until all the steps are complete.

    b. Run the SHOW FORMATDLT1 admin command in the following manner (from an admin client, the server console, or the web admin). You must know the names of the devclasses that use these drives:

    SHOW FORMATDLT1 <dev-class-name>
    This command will list all DLT1 volumes of the named devclass containing the incorrect formats.

    With the UPDATEFORMAT parameter, this command will update the format to the correct value on all volumes found. The two lists of volumes should match.

    SHOW FORMATDLT1 <dev-class-name>
    The final time, without the UPDATEFORMAT parameter should show that all volumes have the correct formats.

    c. Check the format value of the device class. If it is set to anything other than DRIVE, you must update this value to DRIVE, or DLT1 or DLT1C. These are the correct values for this drive. The values DLT40, DLT40C, DLT35, and DLT35C are not valid formats.

    d. Delete the DLT1 path and drive definitions from the library. You must know the names of the server, the DLT1 drives and the libraries they are in:

    DELETE PATH <server-name> <drive-name> SRCT=SERVER DESTT=DRIVE LIBRARY=<lib-name>

    DELETE DRIVE <lib-name> <drive-name>

    You must also delete the drive and path if our DLT1 drive has paths to it from a StorageAgent, or a DataMover, or is part of a Shared Library.

    e. Re-define the drive and their path:

    DEFINE DRIVE <lib-name> <drive-name>
    DEFINE PATH <server-name> <drive-name> SRCType=SERVER DESTType=DRIVE LIBRARY=<lib-name> DEVIce=<device>

Library and drive may require different minimum Tivoli Storage Manager levels. Therefore, ensure that both library and drive hardware are supported. See "Supported Devices for AIX, HP-UX, Solaris and Windows" or "Supported Devices for Linux" for minimum supported version levels and platforms for these devices.

More information regarding device configuration is available in the Tivoli Storage Manager Administrator's Guide, which can be found in the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager information center.

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