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Can I disable background Validation for a specific field?


When you enter information in an application, you do not have to wait until the
data in one field is validated before you specify values in other fields. Data is
placed in a queue for asynchronous (background) validation. You can disable
background validation and provide synchronous validation for individual fields or
for the entire system.

Background validation helps you to work faster because you can move from field
to field, entering data, without waiting for information to be validated. If an error
occurs during asynchronous validation, an error indicator is displayed on the
relevant field. When you click on the error icon, the message is displayed. If there
are errors on fields on more than one tab, an error icon is also set at tab-level for
each tab that contains unresolved messages.

Background validation can be less efficient when there are specific in some
circumstances. If an application includes a number of fields with values that are
dependent on each other, it can be more efficient to validate the first of these
values before you specify a second one. If you want to validate that a condition is
satisfied before enabling conditional components in the user interface, synchronous
validation can be more effective. For some text box fields with smart-fill enabled, it
can be more efficient to use synchronous validation or to disable smart-fill for the
field. You can disable background validation, either for the entire system or for
specific fields in an application.

To disable background validation for a specific field, check the Always
Synchronous option in the control properties window in the Application Designer.
To disable background validation for the entire system, disable the property in the
System Properties application. Background validation is disabled automatically
when a screen reader is being used.

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17 June 2018