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"DIM-ERR-1007 Failed to query cube information for data source" when using a Planning Analytics data server connection



Connection to Planning Analytics shows the below error when the user tries to create a dashboard from the PA dataserver:
"MSR-GEN-0002 Error: "XQE-PLN-0001 Internal error. The query could not be planned by the Query Service: DIM-ERR-1007 Failed to query cube information for data source "HLXPA_Server". Please check the connection string and ensure the server availability.""
Other accounts such as admin accounts work fine.


Along with this, if a data set using the connection is made, the same error is received:
If trying to use a TM1 cube as the source for say a dashboard, you get:
The metadata for '...' did not load. Please contact your administrator for details.


Users in Cognos trying to access a TM1 Cube in Planning Analytics need to have Data Admin rights on the Cube, even if the the Admin Account is embedded in the connection object.

Resolving The Problem

Give the Cognos users data admin rights in the security model for the TM1 cube which is being accessed.

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19 March 2019