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Customer would like some 'best practice' guidelines on how to configure Intercompany Profit Elimination.


Intercompany profit resulting from trade with other companies in the same group has to be eliminated.

In IBM Cognos Controller, intercompany profit margins and intercompany inventory are reported using intercompany accounts.

  • The accounts are reconciled with each other and used to calculate intercompany profits according to one or more pre-defined control tables.
  • The reconciliation and calculation of internal profit are then used in reconciliation reports and for manual or automatic journals.


See the Proven Practice guide "Guidelines on how to configure Intercompany Profit Elimination" (attached to this Technote).

  • This provides guidelines to configuring and using the intercompany
    profit elimination automatic journal.

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The attached document was originally published on IBM's DeveloperWorks website, and formed part of the Cognos 'Proven Practice' guidelines.
  • The document has been copied into the IBM Technotes for easier access by customers.

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15 June 2018