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Determining how long DB2 crash recovery will take

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Is there a way to determine how long it will take DB2 to perform it's crash recovery?


Starting the Tivoli Storage Manager in the foreground after a crash may produce the following messages in the DB2 diag log.

2013-11-04- E39840079F462 LEVEL: Warning
PID : 3340 TID : 3584 PROC : db2syscs.exe
APPHDL : 0-7 APPID: *LOCAL.SERVER1.131104155423
EDUID : 3584 EDUNAME: db2agent (TSMDB1)
FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, recovery manager, sqlpresr, probe:410
MESSAGE : ADM1530E Crash recovery has been initiated.


In order to determine if it is running and how long it can potentially run, open up a DB2 command window and issue the following command.

db2 list utilities show detail

This will provide both the total work and the completed work.

As long as the completed work is increasing, the process is not hung.

To estimate the length of time it will take to complete, you first need to estimate how much is being processed each minute. To do this, take two different reading 10 minutes apart. Subtract the second completed work reading from the first. This will provide you with the amount of work completed in 10 minutes.

Next you need to determine how much work is left. To do this, subtract the completed work from the total work.

Then you can divide the amount of work left by the amount of work completed in 10 min. Then multiply that by 10 to get your final number of minutes remaining to complete the recovery.

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