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Descriptions of Event Type Values in Playback Status workspace



In the Playback Status workspace (Robotics) workspace, the Robotic Script Verification Point Failures view contains the Event Type column. The Event Type column can return any of the following values: Authentication Failure, Component Failure, Content Failure, Content Size, Custom Failure, Expected Data Failure, Expected Image Failure, Expected Property Failure, Expected Text Failure, Generic Failure, HTTP Return Code, Page Title Failure, Return Code, Timeout , URL Unavailable Failure, Verification Point Failure There is no description of these values in the product help or product documentation.

Resolving The Problem

The following table describes the values the Event Type column can return:

Event Type Value
Authentication Failure  An HTTP authorization failure (HTTP code 401 or 407) occurred during playback.
Component Failure  A failure occurred to the Internet Service Monitoring, Response Time, or Transaction Tracking components.
Content FailureRational Performance TesterThe content returned is unexpected. A content verification point verifies that the returned response contains or does not contain an expected string.
Content SizeRational Performance TesterThe byte count returned does not match the byte count specified in a verification point. A response size verification point verifies that the number of bytes returned in a response matches an exact value or is within a range.
Custom FailureRational Performance TesterA failure occurred based on a custom verification point added to the test log with custom code.
Expected Data FailureRational Functional Tester The expected data value and actual data value do not match during playback.
Expected Image FailureRational Functional Tester The expected image and actual image that was found during playback do not match.
Expected Property FailureRational Functional Tester The expected property value and actual value was found during playback do not match
Expected Text Failure The expected text and actual text that was found during playback do not match
Generic Failure An error occurred on playback, but no detail/error code is returned from the page. For more information see, technote.
HTTP Return CodeRational Performance TesterThe returned response code does not match the expected value. A return code verification point verifies that the returned response code matches an expected value. For the expected value, you can indicate an exact response code or specify that the response code is within a specified list or category.
Page Title Failure Rational Performance TesterThe returned page title is unexpected. Page title verification points verify that the primary request for a page returns the expected page title. The page title comparison is case-sensitive, but ignores multiple white-space characters, such as spaces, tabs, and carriage returns.
Return Code An unexpected return code was returned during playback or a time-outs has occurred.
Timeout  The page is not responding in the expected time frame. This event type is returned if you set the playback parameters too small. You can increase the parameter in the Application Management Console Timeout section of the script properties.
URL Unavailable FailureRational Performance TesterThe requested page is unavailable. This is a verdict error. You see a page verdict only if a connection problem occurs or if you set verification points.
Verification Point Failure A breach of parameter values set in a verification point occurred during playback. This is a catch all event type used when none of the others match.

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17 June 2018