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Deleting data permanently from a DOORS Next Generation project

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How can you permanently delete data from an IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation project?


When data is deleted through the IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation web client, or when a project is archived through the admin interface, data is not actually removed from the database. Resources are marked as archived in the database, but they still take up space in the database and indices.


In order to actually remove data from the DNG database, you need to run the deleteJFSResources command using the repotools utility provided with the DOORS Next Generation server.

Review these important notes before running the command in a production environment:

  • It is strongly recommended to only use this command on archived projects, as doing so on a live project might result in undesired behavior when navigating project baselines.
  • In versions 5.x and below, the command can be run to delete archived resources or all resources by using the force parameter
  • In 6.0 and above, the command can only be run to delete all resources in a project area, which requires use of the force parameter.
  • The project area itself is never deleted even when using force
  • There is no way to undo the results of running this command without reverting to a database backup
  • The server must be shut down before running the command and a -reindex all is required once completed.

The utility is located in the following folder:

Windows: <install directory>\server (C:\Program Files\IBM\JazzTeamServer\server)

Linux: <install directory>/server (/opt/IBM/JazzTeamServer/server)

In order to run this command, you first must know the ID of the project area from which you want to permanently delete artifacts. This will be used for the contextURL parameter required by the command. See deleteJFSResources for the command reference. The ID can be obtained by using the following methods:

Warning: Always back up your data before running commands against your repository. To back up your data, either run the repotools export command or perform a database backup using your vendors database backup facility.

To get the ID of a project that is not archived:

  1. In a browser, navigate to the DOORS Next Generation web UI using the following URL:


  2. Hover over a project in the dashboard, and copy the URL to get the contextURL


To get the ID of a project that has been archived:
  1. Navigate to archived projects in the JTS Admin interface by selecting Project Area Management > Archived Project Areas.

  2. Copy the shortcut to get the ID of the project.

    Note: Use the URL in the example above
    (https://server_name:port/rm/process/project-areas/project ID)

  3. Insert the ID you copied in place of project ID.

Execute the following command from a command prompt by navigating to the folder that contains the repotools-rm utility.

Below is a sample command that will delete all archived resources that are associated with the specified project.

5.x and below (can be used with or without the force parameter)

repotools-rm.bat -deleteJFSResources contextURL=https://server_name:port/rm/process/project-areas/projectID

6.x (requires the force parameter which deletes all resources in the project)

repotools-rm.bat -deleteJFSResources contextURL=https://server_name:port/rm/process/project-areas/projectID force

Note: Due to the nature of how relational databases work regarding storage, you might not notice any reduction in the physical size of the database tablespace on disk. Refer to vendor documentation on how to reduce the size of the database on disk after deleting large amounts of data.

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