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Deferred history loading for ClearQuest Web

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How can I avoid the overhead of loading history for ClearQuest records?


Every time a ClearQuest record is updated, an associated history record is created. As the number of history records increases over time, the overhead to load the history records can become a significant portion of the total time needed to load a record.


Starting with ClearQuest this release, the web client will no longer automatically load history when a record is opened. The history control will have a "Load History" button that can be used to load the history when there is a need to see it. If the button is not shown in the history control, then the history has already been loaded. If history has been disabled or removed, the control may be empty even after the button is clicked.

Whenever a record is refreshed, either explicitly or automatically when starting an action or saving the record, the history that may have been loaded is discarded and the history control displays the "Load History" button again. You can click the button again to see the current history records.

Realizing the full benefits of this feature requires a database at feature level 9 (FL9) or higher. For a FL9 database, the server does not load history unless the web client requests the history records. For a database at a lower feature level, the history is loaded in the server, but there is still a small benefit since the history data is not sent to the web client until requested.

Starting with ClearQuest version, history can be disabled for specified record types, either entirely or for certain actions. History records can also be removed to reduce the number of records that are loaded and reduce DBMS storage requirements. Using these features will have a performance benefit when loading and editing records. For details about disabling history, see For details about removing history records, see

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17 June 2018