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Default values for the Advanced Parameter Properties of a Business Object in IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) Process Designer

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When you work on a business Object in IBM Business Process Manager Process Designer, you can set the Advanced Parameter Properties to customize the serialized XML representation of this business object.. This XML representation is used by external systems when a business object is part of an exposed web service. What are the default values for the Advanced Parameter Properties?


The following list contains the default value for the Advance Parameter Properties:

  • Exclude from XML
    Default value: false
    In most cases, you do not need to change this value, which includes your business object in the XML representation; that is, it is set to false. However, a type can define some instance fields that you might not want to serialize to an XML representation. For example, an instance field might not have an equivalent in XML as it refers to an internal running process. Also, you might not want to serialize a lot of data when you know the web service might take some of the data and calculate values itself. Thus, you can improve performance by reducing the amount of data that is transferred.

  • Node Type
    Default value: Element

  • Name
    Default value: This property is the actual value of the name attribute.

  • Namespace
    Default value: This property is the actual value of the targetNamespace attribute.

  • Type name
    Default value: This property is the QName of the type.

  • Type namespace
    Default value: This property is the Namespace URI of the type.

  • Min Occurs
    Default value: 1

  • Max Occurs
    Default value: 1
    Note: The default values of Min Occurs and Max Occurs are 1 in case both List type and non-List type business objects exist.

  • Nillable
    Default value: Before you apply interim fix JR42012, the value is true. After you apply interim fix JR42012, the value is false.

  • Order
    Default value: This property is the order of the parameters in the Parameters list box.
    The Order property explicitly sets the order of the elements for the complex type. It accepts an integer value. You can use this property to reorder the parameters when you generate the XML schema.
  • Wrap List
    Default value: This value is false if the Max Occurs value is not 1. The value is true if the Max Occurs value is 1.

  • Anonymous List Type
    Default value: false

  • List Type Name
    Default value: <null>
    This parameter is only valid for anonymous list types. It is supposed to be used to name the element that encapsulates the anonymous list type. The default value is to not name the anonymous type. Thus, in most cases, this property is not used.

  • List Item Name
    Default value: <null>
    If this property is specified, when schema is generated for anonymous list types, it associates the name with the list item element.

  • Time Zone
    Default value: CLIENT
    This property is not used for either WSDL generation or schema creation. However, it is used when displaying Date or Time values. The property value defaults to the CLIENT time zone. The other options are SERVER and UTC.

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