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Debugging of customised code and APIs by CLM Support

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Does IBM Configuration Lifecycle Management (CLM) Support team assist in the debugging of customised code and Application Programming Interfaces (API)s?


CLM Support regularly receives requests from customers which involve the debugging of customised code and APIs.


As stated in IBM Support handbook, the Support teams are not structured to address all topics. Debugging of customised code and API's are examples of areas that are outside the scope of a Service Request (PMR). In those cases we can perform limited ‘best-efforts’ support by searching for known issues and defects.

If you require further assistance, we will refer you to Forum Support or to IBM Services.

For CLM (Collaborative Lifecycle Management), the best resources are:

Note, specific to CLM:

The CLM Java APIs are provided "as-is" and assistance with usage of the API is also outside the scope of Support work. We do support defects in the API ( where the API does not function according to the documentation.) In that case we will ask you to provide a simple one line script or REST API call where that behaviour can be replicated with the sample JKE projects provided with the CLM tools.


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28 April 2021