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DBI1088E when installing DB2 for Linux, Unix, and Windows by using db2setup command



During a "clean" installation of DB2® LUW, db2setup can report the following error when trying to create a new instance: DBI1088E Invalid access permission detected for directory "". "Clean" refers to a DB2 installation on a server that does not have any DB2 products installed.


Before creating all the subdirectories in the home directory of the instance owner, the install process performs a sanity check on the directory's mount point to see if Read "r" and Execute "x" permissions are set. If the access permission for the directory's mount point (/home/db2inst1, for example) is restricted, you can receive the DBI1088E error upon installing DB2 LUW with the db2setup command.


This technote applies only to UNIX based environments.

Resolving The Problem

The following two actions can resolve the DBI1088E error upon installation.

  1. While logged in as user root, check the instance owner's home directory mount point by running the following command; In this example, the instance is named db2inst1


      /usr/bin/su db2inst1 -c /bin/pwd

    If this command fails you should check the directory mount point of the file system to make sure access permission is not restricted. You can also try giving the ownership/permissions of the mount point to the instance owner.

  2. If the permissions do not include "r" and "x", unmount the drive, change the permissions, and remount the drive.


      unmount /<directory>
      chown <instance_owner> /<directory>
      chmod  755 /<directory>
      mount /<directory>

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16 June 2018