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The db2top is a tool that uses DB2 snapshot monitoring APIs to retrieve information about the database system.


DB2 9.7 GA and later fix packs contain the db2top command. Syntax of the db2top command.

DB2 9.5 FP2 and later contains the db2top command. Use this link to the DB2 9.5 Information Center for the syntax of the db2top command.

DB2 9.1 FP6 and later contains the db2top command. For more information please read the DB2 V9.1 Information Center page entitled: Database monitoring enhanced with the db2top utility

The db2top command is available in DB2® Universal Database™ (DB2 UDB) Version 8.1 FixPak 17 (also known as DB2 UDB Version 8.2 FixPak 10). The attached .pdf files also explains this utility for DB2 Version 8.

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db2top.pdf db2top - what's new.pdf

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26 September 2022