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db2mon script for monitoring performance

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The db2mon script is a created on top of the SQL monitoring interfaces provided by DB2 LUW It monitors database activity for a set amount of time ( default = 30 seconds ) and provides various metrics in a detailed report section as the output.


Performance troubleshooting is a challenging topic. This script is widely used within support to troubleshoot performance problems, it is generic in nature and works well with any flavour of DB2 ( including Purescale )

Instead of traditional snapshot monitoring, this uses the in-memory metrics interfaces available for obtaining various performance details about the database.


There is a master perl script which will generate the scripts needed :

The usage is

$ ./
Specify the DB2 version you would like to generate the script for. v1.0.1
Usage: ./ (9.7|10.1|10.5|11.1)(ORA)? [collect time in seconds; 0 means wait for <ENTER>]

This will generate scripts and sql files needed to run.
For your convenience, these have been provided here with the default 30 second runtime.


A regular execution would be to just run :

./ <db> >> report.out

to interpret the data, look for "REPORT STARTS HERE" in the output file.

If the data needs to be retained for further analysis in a table format, then use the db2 -tvf db2mon_export.sql script instead. This produces ixf files that can be imported using the db2mon_import.sql file and a report can be generated using db2mon_report.sql

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16 June 2018