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DB2 Version 9.5, End of Support April 30, 2015

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This document contains information regarding the end of support (EOS) date for DB2® Version 9.5 for Linux®, UNIX®, and Windows® products. End of support for DB2 9.5 is April 30, 2015


What are the end of support dates for DB2 9.5 ?

End of support for DB2 V9.5 products is April 30, 2015. Extended support may be purchased to extend your support until April 30, 2018.

"End of support" indicates the last date on which you are entitled to base support for your DB2 LUW product. You can extend the support period beyond the end of support date for an additional fee.

"Extended support" indicates the final date in which IBM shall end all support for the DB2 LUW products.

Where are the DB2 product end of support dates listed?

The DB2 end of support date page contains the list of end of support dates for DB2 products. The IBM Software Product Support Lifecycle page contains the announcement letters and dates for all IBM Products.

How do I purchase a Support Extension?

Support extensions may be purchased for an additional fee. To extend your support of your DB2 V9.5 product until April 30, 2018, please contact your local IBM Sales Representative. For direct inquiries, US Customers may call IBM Sales at 1-888-426-4343, option 1 and ask for a Service Extension on DB2 LUW Version 9.5. Customers in other geographies should refer to the IBM directory of worldwide support contacts to find sales contact numbers in your region. Note that when you contact support they may inquire if you are on the latest fix pack for DB2 V9.5.

Is there information to help me upgrade?

The DB2 Upgrade Portal contains technical information on how to perform the upgrade. If you have questions on how to purchase the latest version of DB2, contact your IBM Sales Representative or dial 'IBM Direct' toll free at 1-800-426-2255

What DB2 9.5 servers are affected?

The following DB2 9.5 server products are affected:
      DB2 Enterprise Server Edition
      DB2 Workgroup Server Edition
      DB2 Personal Edition
      DB2 Express Edition
      DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition
      DB2 Connect Personal Edition

When the server product goes out of support, does the client also go out of support?

The DB2 V9.5 clients go out of support at the same time that the server does.

How do I know if my DB2 Universal JDBC driver is supported?

Effective April 30, 2015, only those drivers shipped with DB2 9.7 and beyond (currently DB2 10.1 and DB2 10.5) will be supported. Use technote 1363866 to check the version of the DB2 JCC driver installed with your application.

What if I have a special build or an older fix pack on DB2 9.5? Am I still supported?

All support for DB2 9.5 ends on April 30, 2015 unless a support extension has been purchased. The policy statement for DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows fix packs, special builds, Total Content Ownership agreements and IBM Software Premium Services is located in technote 1180416.

I am using DB2 V9.5 as part of a bundle, am I still supported?

Support terms and conditions may differ for the use of DB2 with certain applications. Customers should check directly with their application vendor for the terms and duration of their support for DB2. Read technote 1051638 for more information as it relates to SAP

Is the documentation for Version 9.5 still available?

The DB2 Information Center and PDF manuals for Version 9.5 are still available. However, they will no longer be updated. For information about the DB2 Information Center and PDF manuals for Version 9.5, see the DB2 database product documentation page.

How do I obtain DB2 9.5 if I still need it?

Q: I need to download and install the base product of DB2 9.5 for a migration test environment. How can I obtain it?
A: The DB2 9.5 server editions are available for download on Passport Advantage if you previously purchased them.

Q: What is the final fix pack for DB2 9.5 and how do I get it?
A: The final fix pack is DB2 Version 9.5 Fix Pack 10. All DB2 LUW product fix packs are available for download at this link.

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