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Db2 for i is an IBM i integrated Relational Database Management System that leverages the high performance, virtualization, and energy efficiency features of IBM Power Systems.

Db2 for i is a member of IBM’s family of Db2 databases. What makes Db2 for i unique is its integration with the platform, the IBM i operating system and Power Systems. This unique integration means you do less managing of your database, and more building of applications for analytics, mobile, cloud, or day to day operational purposes. Db2 for i’s open standards support allows you to leverage the world of development tools while protecting your investment in legacy applications. Self-managing is what Db2 for i is all about!




Db2 for i requires limited configuration work prior to use. Using the unique Single Level Storage concepts of the system, database management tasks such as creation and monitoring of table spaces or complex partitioning of data across disk subsystems are not required. Db2 for i provides automatic data spreading and automatic storage allocation for all database objects.


Db2 for i contains a number of self-healing features:


  • Auto tuner that auto adjusts resources to accommodate changing workload characteristics.
  • Cost-based query optimizer which contains advanced query rewrite techniques.
  • Automatic detection of changes to the database allowing the optimizer to rebuild query plans without user intervention to maximize performance.


Db2 leverages the object-based structure of IBM i self-protecting attributes that are built into the operating system:

  • Row and Column Level Access Control
  • Digital signing of objects to help prevent unauthorized access
  • 128 bit data encryption and SSL
  • US Government C2 security compliance including object auditing

In addition, the operating system and Db2 for i include built-in encryption capabilities that enable customers to add an extra-layer of security around their data.




Navigator for i - a component shipped with IBM i to handle the administration of Db2 for i work with Db2 for i objects.

IBM i Access Client Solutions compliments Navigator for i with tools for the Database Engineer to monitor and manage Db2 for i.

IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Growth Solution provides proven archiving capabilities, allowing users to separate historical from current data and store it securely and cost-effectively.

IBM InfoSphere Optim Test Data Management and Data Masking Solution delivers powerful data transformation capabilities to mask personal information, so that you can use it safely for application testing.

Application development

Rational Developer for i Software provides a rich IDE to let you deliver a rapid and efficient response to business needs through graphical application development.

Navigator for i contains facilities to work with Db2 objects.

IBM Data Studio is a common Db2 family development tool that can be leveraged with Db2 for i for tasks such as building, debugging, and deploying SQL and Java Stored Procedures.

IBM Toolbox for Java and JTOpen includes a Type-4 JDBC driver for seamless access of Db2 for i database.

Db2 Query Manager and SQL Development Toolkit provides precompilers that enable the integration of SQL statements within high-level language programs such as RPG and COBOL.

OmniFind Text Search Server for Db2 for i is a high-speed, advanced linguistic text-search engine.

InfoSphere Data Architect simplifies data modeling and integration design enabling you to discover, model, and visualize Db2 for i databases.

Db2 Connect Unlimited Edition for IBM i provides single client connectivity to multiple Db2 family members, the ability to join Db2 tables residing on different partitions or systems as well a rich set of Microsoft .NET plug-ins for accessing Db2 for i objects.

Integrate reports and visualizations into existing applications with the Db2 Web Query application integration functions available with Standard Edition.

Business intelligence analytics

The Db2 Web Query for i suite of Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse products l provide an integrated IBM i set of powerful reporting, data analysis, and visualization tools. Automate extraction and cleansing of data for analytics with Db2 Web Query DataMigrator ETL.

Db2 Web Query takes advantage of many of the Db2 for i query acceleration technologies built into the OS, including:

  • Db2's sophisticated cost-based optimizer, based on over twenty years of IBM research and development efforts. Recent enhancements include the built-in SQL Query Engine and new Statistics Engine, resulting in 2-5 times performance improvements in large, complex queries.
  • The Db2 Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) licensed feature for IBM i can speed up BI and analytic workloads through the use of parallel processing. With Db2 SMP installed and enabled, Db2 is able
  • IBM's patented Encoded Vector Indexing supplements its traditional Binary Radix Tree indexing implementation to significantly improve performance when querying large star-schema, or other database designs commonly used in data warehousing applications.

Information management

Db2 Web Query DataMigrator ETL Extension supports the creation, population and maintenance of database tables from one or more data sources. Replicate data or build data marts and warehouses with this integrated ETL tool for IBM i.

IBM InfoSphere Data Architect is a collaborative data design solution that helps you discover, model, relate, and standardize diverse and distributed data assets.

IBM Optim Archive Solution provides proven archiving capabilities, allowing users to separate historical from current data and store it securely and cost-effectively.

IBM Optim Test Data Management delivers powerful data transformation capabilities to mask personal information, so that you can use it safely for application testing.

IBM Content Manager manages all types of digitized content across multiple platforms, databases and applications.

Db2 Content Manager on Demand offers high performance online document capture, storage, and retrieval of computer output.

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