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DB2 Content Manager V8.4 Clients Support for Office Open XML File Formats

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As of DB2® Content Manager V8.4, the DB2 Content Manager eClient and Client for Windows® support Microsoft® Office 2007 files. However, the file formats have changed with the new release, and with them there are new file extensions and MIME types. To properly support all of the new features of Microsoft Office 2007, you might need to add content classes to DB2 Content Manager.


You can create new MIME types for DB2 Content Manager manually from the system administration client. After logging on, expand the Data Modeling tree node and select MIME Types. Right-click and select New. Enter the required information, and click OK. The next time a user logs onto the eClient or Client for Windows, the import interfaces will include your new MIME type.

For the most commonly used Microsoft Office 2007 files, you can use the following XML file:


This file can be imported into the system administration client by selecting Tools -> Import XML. Leave the Data model file field blank and select the downloaded file in the Administrative Objects file field.

Import XML Options dialog box

Click Import and follow the instructions.

After this file is imported, new sessions on the eClient and Client for Windows will include the following new MIME type labels:

MSWORD OOXMLdocxMicrosoft Word 2007 Office Open XML
MSWORD OOXML MACROdocmMicrosoft Word 2007 Office Open XML with Macros Enabled
POWERPOINT OOXMLpptxMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007 Office Open XML
POWERPOINT OOXML MACROpptmMicrosoft PowerPoint 2007 Office Open XML with Macros Enabled
MSEXCEL OOXMLxlsxMicrosoft Excel 2007 Office Open XML
MSEXCEL OOXML MACROxlsmMicrosoft Excel 2007 Office Open XML with Macros Enabled
MSEXCEL OOXML BINARYxlsbMicrosoft Excel 2007 Office Open XML Binary

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17 June 2018