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DataStewardGroup and DataStewardManager groups get locked after upgrading to BPM 8.5.7 CF 2017.06



IBM Stewardship Center creates DataStewardGroup and DataStewardManager groups as part of configuration process. ISC is supported on IBM BPM 8.5.7 CF 2017.06. With this BPM upgrade these groups have become inaccessible i.e. they will not be editable from Process Admin console of BPM. This issue will happen for any version of IBM Stewardship Center with BPM 8.5.7 CF 2017.06(i.e., fresh installation of any version of ISC prior to or upgrade of any prior ISC version to


This occurred because prior to ISC release, groups were getting created from wsadmin command. After that when we import or install the process app into bpm then same group used to get changed to user group which are editable from process admin. In the BPM 8.5.7 CF 2017.06, BPM has fixed this security issue which does not allow automatic conversion of secure group to user group. So group remains lock.

Resolving The Problem

In order to solve this problem we have added a new target in our install script from, so before upgrade to you should first run below command to unlock the group

InstallGovernanceApplication fix_group_lock_issue (For process center)

InstallGovernanceApplication fix_group_lock_issue_online_server (For process server online)

InstallGovernanceApplication fix_group_lock_issue_offline_server (For process server offline)

Note : This target needs to be run before the main configuration target i..e, install_configure_governance_apps , install_configure_governance_apps_online_server or get_installable_packages_offline_server of IBM Stewardship Center.

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27 April 2022