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Datapower Secure Backup fails with time out



In some cases, Datapower secure backup might fail with time out error.
The following log messages might be seen:
0x8100048e Secure backup failed - Request timed out due to inactivity.
0x810004c4 secure-backup (xyz): The secure-backup or restore request timed out.

Resolving The Problem

When secure backup fails with a time out, here are some common steps to help resolve the issue:
1. Make sure the filesystem has enough space and if it does not then consider performing a reboot to clean up the temporary filesystem.
2. Check for any expired certificates or certificates in invalid format and remove them.  Otherwise, the secure backup may fail where the expired certificate is located.
3. Make sure to quiesce the appliance before taking the secure backup to cease all other activity.
4. If it still times out after trying steps above, flash the firmware to refresh any corrupted system files that may be preventing the completion.  This is done by upgrading to the same exact firmware image/version that is currently running on the appliance.
If none of the steps above work, create a debug log target to collect further data for IBM Datapower support to help troubleshoot further -
1- Create debug log target:

Log Target -> Add
Name: secure-backup-debug-log
Target Type: File
Log Format: Text
Timestamp: zulu
Log Size: 25000
File Name: logtemp:///secure-backup-debug-log
Rotations: 3

Event Subscription Tab -> Add
Event Category: mgmt
Min Event Priority: debug
Event Category: cli
Min Event Priority: debug
Event Category: audit
Min Event Priority: debug

Apply -> Save Config

2- Attempt secure-backup

3- Download all copies of logtemp:///secure-backup-debug-log and upload to the Datapower support case
To open a Datapower support case, see -

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