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DataMigrator ETL Extension - IBM i based Extract, Transformation and Load!

DataMigrator for i (short name) provides Extract, Transformation and Load capabilities, allowing you to schedule processes that consolidate, clean, move and transform data for reporting or other purposes. Build an operational data store, data warehouse or data mart with DataMigrator for i to isolate your analytic/reporting workloads from production systems. Replicate data across different databases (including Cloud-based services) using a change data capture architecture.

To acquire a trial version of Db2 Web Query, request the EZ-Install package by emailing [email protected] including your name, company name, serial number and IBM i Operating System level (for example, 7.4).

DataMigrator ETL Extension Presentation​

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* DataMigrator User's Guide Version 2.3.0: 

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  - Download Part 2

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