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Database TSMDB1 not activated on database partition 0.



DB2 commands against a certain database (TSMDB1) may fail and state the database is not activated.


DB2 commands do not run successfully.


The environment variable for the db2 instance in which the database resides is not correctly set.

Diagnosing The Problem

From the DB2 command prompt, an example command that would yield the error is:

  • C:\Program Files\Tivoli\TSM\db2\BIN>db2pd -applications -db tsmdb1

  • Database TSMDB1 not activated on database partition 0.
Note: Option "-applications" requires "-db <database>" or "-alldbs" option and active database.

To show the environment variable for the db2 instance, from a DOS prompt, issue:
  • echo %db2instance%

The prompt should return showing "SERVER1", not DB2TSM.

Resolving The Problem

The TSMDB1 database resides under the DB2 instance SERVER1. To set the DB2 instance appropriately, from a DOS prompt, issue the command:

    set db2instance=SERVER1

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