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What changes have been made to the database table structure for the Java Batch job repository in


The Java Batch job repository has a new element introduced with the fixpack. There is a new table named GROUPASSOCIATION.
Updating the job repository database to include this new element will enable Group Level Security enforcement in Java Batch. Attempting to utilize the new batch group security support without upgrading the database will result in javax.transaction.RollbackException messages in the runtime trace log with a root cause of:

Internal Exception: java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: Table/View '[SCHEMA].GROUPASSOCIATION' does not exist.

There are two ways to update the database to include this new element:

1. In the server configuration, for the databaseStore element associated with the batchPersistence configuration object, ensure that the createTables attribute has a value of "true". This will automatically bring the database up-to-date on the next server start.
2. If the createTables attribute is set to "false" instead, the user must manually update their database. The DDL statements for the new table structure can be generated using the ddlGen script located in the [wlp_home]/bin directory.

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15 June 2018