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Data Direct ODBC drivers 5.3 support only MySQL Enterprise edition



An error message from Data Direct ODBC drivers for MySQL is shown when trying to connect to MySQL Community Servers database using DataStage ODBC enterprise stage or trying to import the table definition from the same database. IBM Information Server "Connectivity guide for ODBC" doesn't specify that the only supported version of MySQL database is the Enterprise edition and not the Community Servers edition.


DSR.MetaGeta(GET.DSNINFO)(SQLConnect('MySQL','lora')) : BCI Error :
SQLSTATE=S1000,CODE=0,[DataStage][SQL Client][ODBC][IBM(DataDirect OEM)][ODBC MySQL Wire Protocol driver]Connections to MySQL Community Servers are not supported.  Please contact MySQL to obtain a MySQL Enterprise or Commercial version.


MySQL Community Servers edition is not supported by DataDirect ODBC drivers version 5.3


IBM Information Server 8.1 and 8.5, DataDirect ODBC drivers for MySQL version 5.3

Diagnosing The Problem

Self explanatory error message is displayed when trying to connect to MySQL Community Servers edition using DataDirect ODBC drivers for MySQL

Resolving The Problem

When a connection to the Community (open-source) version of MySQL is required, it is possible for the end user to use the open-source ODBC driver with the DataDirect driver manager. Important: This open-source driver is not supplied by IBM. The end user must obtain and install the driver. Though IBM permits this configuration, direct support of the open-source driver will not be provided by IBM.

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23 June 2018