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CWWIM4512E error during login requires reset of user's password in file registry



You are unable to log into WebSphere Portal with a regular or administrative user that exists in the default file registry. It is likely that you need to reset the user's password.


SystemOut.log shows the following:                                             

[6/4/09 21:41:26:807 CDT] 0000003f exception     W checkPassword CWWIM4512E The password match failed.

    at va:2083)
. . .                                                                  
Caused by: java.util.NoSuchElementException
    at java.util.StringTokenizer.nextToken(


Federated repository environment where problem user(s) reside in the file registry and default parent entity types map to the file registry for new user creation.

Diagnosing The Problem

You review the fileRegistry.xml under <wp_profile_root>/config/cells/<cellname> and determine that the specified attribute values (excluding encrypted password) look correct. Thus, it appears that the password being entered during Portal login does not match what exists in the fileRegistry.xml.

Resolving The Problem

The issue can be resolved by following the steps in the applicable section of technote "How to reset the administrator's password in the file registry".

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