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Customizing ClearQuest fields for the Change Management Integration (CMI)

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Which ClearQuest default record fields are required when using CMI and how can they be changed?


In the default ClearQuest out-of-the-box schema, the "Headline" field is mapped to the OSLC field dcterms:title. Both fields are required for CMI, but the "Headline" requirement can be customized with the customQueryField key in CMI:
  1. Choose the ClearQuest field in your record type to use instead of "Headline." This field is displayed when you run a query through CMI.
  2. Add that field to the "Query Presentation" of the ClearQuest query that you plan to use with CMI (this means that the field must be displayed when you run the query).
  3. Map the field to dcterms:title in oslc-mappings.xml on the ClearQuest Web Server. Refer to the ClearQuest Knowledge Center for instructions:
  4. For the -context option of the mkcmprovider command (on a branch type or UCM stream) set the key queryuri to the query you modified in step 2 and set the key customQueryField to the chosen ClearQuest field.

For the record type Defect, this example substitutes the field "Summary" for the field "Headline."

1. Edit oslc-mappings.xml:

<oslcRecordConfig type="cq.record:Defect@CQDBSET/DB1">
<oslcFieldMapping name="dcterms:title" field="Summary"/>

2. Run the mkcmprovider command for a UCM stream or base ClearCase branch type, as applicable:
  • UCM stream:
    cleartool mkcmprovider -stream test_dev@\test_pvob -context “queryuri:query,customQueryField:Summary” test_provider
  • Branch type:
    cleartool mkcmprovider -brtype main@\test_vob -context “queryuri:query,customQueryField:Summary” test_provider

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26 February 2019