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Customizing the Alerts Banner

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If you are a member of the System Administrator role, you will have the option to hide, or update the messages for the banner messages in your IBM Cognos Analytics environment. Here are the options to do so.


Disabling the alert banners:
In 11.1.4 Cognos stored the status of the alert banner in the web browser's local cache. What this means is that if the option is chosen to "dismiss" the alert, then it will store that setting locally, but it can be simply reversed by clearing the browser's cache, or running cognos in a new private window/new browser session/incognito mode (Setting Glass.enableBanner to false and Glass.bannerMessage as blank in the advanced settings in your Cognos environment will only disable your custom banner message in 11.1.4 and not the alert banner that comes with the product).
It was only in 11.1.5 that the option to disable the banner using advanced settings was added. To get to the Advanced Settings, Click Manage > Configuration > System, and select Advanced Settings.
You can set Glass.disableAlertBanner = true to disable the entire banner, or Glass.disableWhatsNewAlerts = true to disable only the Whats New messages in the banner(so that you will no longer see any of the messages that say Whats New on each perspective).
Please note that disabling the alert banner will cause the banner to not be shown at all, regardless of messages added. To re-enable it, you will need to go into the same area, enter the same setting into the key field, and click into the value field to display what it is currently set to, then delete that and apply it so it is reset to default.

Adding custom alerts:
Only one additional custom alert can be added to the banner.
Navigate to Manage > Configuration > System, and select Advanced Settings.
Key = Glass.bannerMessage Value = <your message> will add the additional message to the alert banner.
Navigate to Manage > Configuration > System, and select Advanced Settings.
Key = Glass.maintenanceMessage Value = <your message> adds an additional message to the alert banner.
*If you want to remove the message, type either Glass.bannerMessage, or Glass.maintenanceMessage(depending on the version you are on) into the Key field, and click into the Value field, the current message set should display, and to remove it, you would just delete what is there and click apply. For 11.1.4, the additional step of typing Glass.enableBanner and putting the value to "false" is required.

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12 February 2020