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Customer Notices and information - IBM i 6.1

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Customer Notices and information - IBM i 6.1

These product-specific customer documents provide important information on software product planning, installation, and use. Many documents are available in multiple languages. As information becomes available, additional documents may be added.

Documents are provided in Adobe® PDF format.

IBM i Global Customer Notice

Customer Notices provide valuable information for customers regarding software product planning and other resources.

Media Labels and their Content

This document lists the optical media shipped with an IBM i software order. The media identifiers and disc content are described. This addresses the IBM i product and all keyed products shipped on the keyed stamped media set of discs.

Welcome to IBM Software Maintenance for i

This document provides information on remote software technical suppport and software maintenance.

Additional information may be obtained at

IBM Application Runtime Expert for i Customer Letter

Refer to for installation instructions, documentation, the latest PTF levels, and other helpful information for the IBM Application Runtime Expert for i.

IBM i Access (Client Access) Family of Products - Getting Started

Refer to for information on the IBM i Access products, including license information, entering usage limit, applying keys, how to find or create PC media, and more.

Temporary Licensing Contract Letter

Temporary Licensing (5733-ITL) and Transferred Licensed Programs for newly purchased hardware systems each have unique customer support requirements. These software program product use, terms and conditions requirements are covered in this document.

Read Me for DB2 Web Query for i (5733-QU2)

This document is provided as an introduction to the getting started information provided for this product.

Additional information is available at

WebSphere Development Studio for i Customer Letter

WebSphere Development Studio for i (5761-WDS) documentation may be found at Information on the compliers, tool set and studio client applications is provided.

IBM WebSphere Application Server - Express for IBM i

Refer to for ordering information for current WebSphere Application Server - Express versions that are delivered for IBM i, which are available with the IBM Web Enablement for i (5722-WE2) product.

IBM iCluster for i (5733-ICL) Software Customer Letter

This document describes the iCluster program deliverables, download and installation support. Several Web sites are listed to provide information on various support topics.

Zend Customer Letter

Zend Server for i Support and Zend Developer Solution for i Customer Letter is provided for these Zend Technologies, Inc products.

Additional information is available at the following link.

IBM i Value Pack (5722-IVP) Customer Registration for i

This document describes the Value Pack edition registration requirements to enable support.

Additional information is available at

Machine Replacement (5733-NKY) Customer Letter

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