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Custom WebSEAL management and error pages for each junction

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With WebSEAL, can you configure different management pages (login, password change, logout, etc) and error pages for each junction?


In WebSEAL 6.1.1 a new feature was added to allow custom pages per junction. From the WebSEAL Administration Guide...

Creating junction-specific static server response pages

You can customize static server response pages on a per-junction basis by adding the customized static server response page files into a junction-specific directory:


where junction_id refers to the junction point for a standard junction (excluding the leading / character) or the virtual host label for a virtual host junction. For example:


WebSEAL searches for static server response page files in the following sequence, returning the first file found to the client:





You can use the / character in the junction name. For example, if you created a junction directory named test under the jct directory, the junction is specified as /jct/test. In this instance WebSEAL searches for files in the /opt/pdweb/html.tivoli/lib/errors/language/jct/test directory.

While the Administration Guide only mentions lib/errors, the same mechanism will work for the management pages (lib/html) as well.

Also, the above section from the documentation can be somewhat confusing. This is referring to the default template files which are copied to each WebSEAL instance's instance directory at configuration time. To update only a specific instance's files, or the files on an already-configured instance, you would need to perform the above steps on the /opt/pdweb/www-<instance>/lib.... directory.

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16 June 2018