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Custom Taskmaster .NET action reports couldn't load needed object error in IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture



Running a custom .NET Taskmaster action results in batch aborting with RRS log message "couldn't load needed object"


Batch logging will state something similar to the following:

Error (385875972=hex:17000004). In CCom::Call: Couldn't load needed object: Datacap.Libraries.vScanSample.Actions into Datacap.Libraries. vScanSample.Actions instance [api source:]


This issue can occur if the .NET action components are not installed properly.

Resolving The Problem

When using the vScanSample .NET template actions available from the IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture 8.0.1 Publication Library, compiling the project will generate new files including interop DLL's, vScanSample.dll, vScanSample.tlb and vScanSample.pdb. Place vScanSample.dll into \Datacap\dcshared\NET and register it using regasm.exe and the /codebase flag:

    C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\RegAsm.exe C:\Datacap\dcshared\NET\vScanSample.dll /codebase

Re-run the actions when finished to confirm the solution.

Note: If the problem persists with a more customized project then unregister the main DLL and place it into a sub-folder along with all other compiled components (interops, main DLL and TLB file). Re-register vScanSample.dll using regasm.exe and the /codebase flag before reprocessing; the set of files specific to the project can be isolated afterward.

If creating a custom module, check that it is COM visible in project properties (Make assembly COM-Visible) and that the class contains an appropriate constructor.

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17 June 2018