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CSSMTP flags syntax error on HELO / EHLO command



CSSMTP generates an error report for syntax errors on the HELO / EHLO command. If there is a valid HELO / EHLO command earlier in the JES spool file, emails might still be accepted by CSSMTP.


After processing the command 'HELO domain_name mm/dd/yy', CSSMTP generates an error report that contains the following:
501 5.5.4 JES Syntax error. Too many args after 'HELO' command


CSSMTP expects the HELO / EHLO command to follow the syntax as described in RFC 2821.

Resolving The Problem

Valid syntax for HELO / EHLO is:

HELO domain_name

EHLO domain_name

where domain_name specifies the domain name of the sending host.

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Modified date:
15 June 2018