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Creating Workflow Process

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Creating Workflow Process


Use the Workflow Designer application to create, view, modify, and delete Workflow process records that reflect your business processes. An active Workflow process revision defines the different paths that a record can take as it moves through the business process. The process also defines the actions and notifications that should take place at various points in the process.

You create a workflow process by inserting nodes and connection lines on a Workflow canvas. Each Workflow process includes start and stop nodes. Start and stop nodes do not carry user-defined information. The other nodes carry user-defined actions. Use the Workflow Designer tools to place, connect, and configure the nodes and lines.
An example to set up a work flow with a start and stop node:
1) Go To System Configuration > Platform Configuration > Workflow Designer
2) Click on New Process
3) Enter a Process name
4) Select Object (e.g. WORELEASE)
5) Select Connect Nodes pencil and connect Start and End nodes
6) Double click on the line and bring up the action dialog.
7) In the Action detail menu, Select Value and choose the action that you want to use.

8) If doesn't exist the action that you want, in the Action detail menu, you can go to Actions and create one.

9) Return with value.  Then click on Validate Process button, Enable Process button, and Activate Process button.
10) Make it to Work Order (WORKORDER), Releases (WORELEASE), Changes (WOCHANGE) and Activity (WOACTIVITY) objects.

For more information on Workflow, including details of the workflow designer, actions and roles, reference the 'Workflow Implementation Guide' location on IBM's Information Center located here:…

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