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Create GIS Object without an ArcGIS Feature Service

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Create GIS Object without an ArcGIS Feature Service


No Feature Service? No problem. We can still get your records linked

Keep in mind, this will give you the ability to only see your records on the map, but it will limit some functionality with updating records directly to GIS. WIth that being said, let's start!


First, we need to actually use a feature service to create the object.


1. Create a template Maximo Spatial GIS Object with no attributes using a Map Service that has an associated Feature Service (Uncheck all Attributes)



2.    Delete the template service from the Map Manager record




3.    Include the final ArcGIS Map Service URL inside the Map Manager record (Without a Feature Service)


4.    Create the Service Layer entry inside the Map Manager record using the final Map Service URL and the  template GIS Object created in step #1


5.   Go to the Database Configuration application and find the template GIS Object created in step #1. Include the attributes related to the final layer from the Map Service URL. The attributes necessary in the relationship where clause must be included.



6.   Go to the End Points application and search for the name of the created GIS Object. Open it and update the URL attribute to the Map Service without the feature Service





7.   Inside the Map Manager application, open the Service layer created in step #4. The System of Record option must be ArcGIS because the ArcGIS Map Service is a read-only service.




And, that's all that is required. Your GIS Object is now created, and the relationship is all set up to link to your existing GIS records. ARCGIS in this case, is the System of Record, so it's a one way relationship with ArcGIS being read only.


Thanks Everyone!


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