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CP3KVMXT - VM Extract Utility for zCP3000 and zPCR Capacity Planning Support Tools


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CP3KVMXT reads CP Monitor data from a z/VM system, and generates an Enterprise Data File (EDF) of PR/SM, system image, and workload-related measurements for input into the IBM zCP3000 and zPCR capacity planning tools. A CP3KVMXT-created EDF can be used to model interactive VM workloads or workloads under guest operating systems such as Linux and can be concurrently loaded with a CP3KEXTR-created z/OS EDF for the same data intervals.

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Some capacity planning tools mentioned on this webpage are authorized for use by IBM employees and Certified IBM Business Partners only. Access to the CP3KVMXT data extract tool does not imply access to the tools that use the EDF files generated by CP3KVMXT.

The CP3KVMXT.VMARC download file is in z/VM compressed, zipped format.

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Two packages are required on the z/VM system where the monitor data resides and CP3KVMXT is run. Review the CP3KVMXT & Prerequisites and Installation document for installation setup instructions.

[{"PRLabel":"VMARC archive tool","PRLang":"US English","PRSize":"14 KB","PRPlat":{"label":"z/VM","code":"PF037"},"PRURL":""},{"PRLabel":"MONVIEW monitor data utility","PRLang":"US English","PRSize":"66 KB","PRPlat":{"label":"z/VM","code":"PF037"},"PRURL":""}]
[{"INLabel":"CP3KVMXT & Prerequisites and Installation","INLang":"US English","INSize":"13 KB","INURL":""},{"INLabel":"CP3KVMXT User's Guide","INLang":"US English","INSize":"736 KB","INURL":""}]

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