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"Could not login to TM1 ... SystemServerClientNotFound" when publishing to FAP (using CAM), caused by case-sensitive data mart settings (in FAP client)



Customer has configured FAP and PA (TM1) to use CAM authentication.
User launches the FAP client, and starts an initial publish (by starting the Data Mart). This fails.


FAP Client
In the 'logs' tab, get error:
Could not login to TM1
Hovering the mouse over the error shows:  SystemServerClientNotFound
On the Controller application server, inside the FAP folder there is the 'error.log' file.
  • Inside that 'error.log' file there are entries similar to: SystemServerClientNotFound


There are several known causes for "Could not login to TM1 ... SystemServerClientNotFound" errors.
  • TIP: For more scenarios, see separate IBM Technote #1449704
This technote specifically relates to the scenario where the cause is that the customer was using the wrong case (uppercase/lowercase) when typing in the values for the FAP client datamart settings.
In one real-life customer case, they had a namespace 'domain\Controller', but had configured the FAP client's datamart to use 'domain\controller'.
More Information:
The CAM Namespace argument is both case-sensitive and space-sensitive.

Resolving The Problem

Modify the FAP client "datamart" configuration, to match the namespace (in Cognos Configuration).
1. Launch FAP Client
2. Open section 'Data Mart'
3. Highlight relevant entry, and click "Edit"
4. Inside the 'TM1 Connections" settings, modify the settings for 'Client' to match the case-sensitive version of the CAM username
  • Example:       domain\Controller

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09 July 2019