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Convert the time (from SOA metric log UNIX time format) to readable time format



Convert the time field (2nd column of each entry line) to readable time format - that shows in SOA metric log file.


For example, in this entry, what field shows the time and how can user know what time it is ?

Diagnosing The Problem

Let us use this entry to discuss further in Resolving the problem section -

Resolving The Problem

A. 2nd column (1187661433000) represents the time (using the stated example)

B. Out of the 1187661433000, drop least significant 3 digits and use the rest numbers.
(ex: In this case, drop last 3 digits and use the rest numbers which is "1187661433")

C. Use this Time conversion link to run it.

D. Here is the example of the entry and result.

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