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'Controller Web' Windows services keep shutting down, when using Windows Server 2019 (unsupported for Controller 10.3.1 or 10.4.0)



Customer installs Controller on a Windows 2019 Server.
  • IMPORTANT: Windows 2019 is not officially supported for Controller 10.3.1/10.4.0. See link at end of this Technote for more details.
I.T. administrator starts the relevant Controller Web windows services:
  • IBM Cognos Controller Web
  • IBM Cognos Controller Web UI
Initially the service seems to work OK. However, after approximately 1 minute, the IBM Cognos Controller Web windows service shuts down.


The IBM Cognos Controller Web windows service stops approximately 1 minute after starting.
More Details:
After starting the IBM Cognos Controller Web windows service:
  • The following process is executed:  prunsrv.exe
  • This causes the following process to start:     Javaw.exe
After about one minute:
  • the prunsrv.exe process closes
  • This leaves just the Javaw.exe open/running.
This will cause the  IBM Cognos Controller Web to look like it is not started.
  • However, Controller Web itself still works (because it is contained within the Javaw.exe process).
For the record, if everything is working correctly (normally) then it should look like this:
Task manager prunsrv
This shows 2 prunsrv.exe processes opened/running:
  • One for fcmweb
  • another for frontend and the javaw.exe


Limitation of the Websphere components (bundled with Controller), triggered by a change in the behaviour how Windows 2019 treats its 'Start' command.
  • TIP: For more details on this Windows change, see third-party link at the end of this Technote.
For the avoidance of doubt, Windows 2019 is not officially supported for Controller 10.3.1/10.4.0.
  • See link at end of this Technote for more details.


This behaviour has been seen in the following environments:

  • Controller 10.3.1 & 10.4.0
  • Windows Server 2019 & Windows 10.

Diagnosing The Problem

After starting the Controller Web Windows service (fcmweb), check if it remains opened
  • If it shuts down, check if the prunsrv.exe process is closed, but the Javaw.exe is still running

Resolving The Problem


Windows 2019 is not officially supported for Controller 10.3.1/10.4.0.
  • See link at end of this Technote for more details.


There are two methods to workaround the problem:

Method #1

Ignore the problem.
Controller Web will still work (even with the prunsrv.exe closing as the Java process remains opened)
  • Therefore you can still use it
The only downside is that the Windows service will appear as stopped/closed
  • Therefore if you ever want to restart it (in the future) you will need to manually kill the javaw process.
Method #2
Make a temporary change to the following file: install_service.bat
  • TIP: By default, this is located here:    c:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\ccr_64\fcmweb\
IMPORTANT: ** This change will be reverted every time an update is applied to Controller **
=> Therefore you will need to repeat the change each time you upgrade/patch the server.
1. Browse to here:   c:\Program Files\ibm\cognos\ccr_64\fcmweb\
2. As a precaution, create a backup of:      install_service.bat
3. Edit the following file (for example with notepad): install_service.bat
4. Search for: StartParams=start#%WLP_SERVER_NAME%
install service (start)
5. Modify the change it to: StartParams=run#%WLP_SERVER_NAME%
install service (run)
6. Save the file
7. Make sure that:
  • The 'IBM Cognos Controller Web' Windows service is stopped
  • The Javaw process has been ended/closed (in Task Manager)
8. Double-click on the file:   uninstall_service.bat
9. Double-click on the file:   install_service.bat
10. Open Windows Services, to check to see that the 'IBM Cognos Controller Web' service has been created
11. Start the service 'IBM Cognos Controller Web'
  • Notice how it now remains as running forever
  • NOTE: instead of the Javaw.exe, there will be a Java.exe process!

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