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Controller hangs (freezes / crashes) when click "intercompany details" button (inside "Data Entry - Company Journals") caused by 'Save Window Size' setting



User clicks "Company - Data Entry - Company Journals". User clicks 'New' and creates a new journal.
User populates the relevant cells (with values) and then clicks on the "intercompany details" button (to include the amount).
  • At this point, the application seems to freeze (hang / crash).


Controller crashes after clicking a button (for example 'intercompany details').
  • This is different from what the user expects (which is for a new popup window to appear).


The saved position settings (stored inside the end user's 'ccr.config' configuration file) are invalid for the monitor/size that the user is using to display Controller.
  • TIP: For more information, see separate IBM Technote #1078377.

Resolving The Problem

Modify the 'bad' end user's settings, so that it stops Controller from remembering screen positions
  • In other words, for this 'bad' user only (per user setting) Controller will no longer remember/save the location/size of Windows positions.

Each individual 'bad' user should do the following:
1. Click "Maintain / User / Personal Defaults > tab Layout (2)"
2. Untick the box 'Save Window Size':

3. Click Save
4. Logoff from Controller, and re-launch the Controller client.

NOTE: The above 'Save Windows Size' change is stored inside the database, inside the 'xconfig' table. It is recorded separately for each individual user:

  • Each end user must make this change separately
  • They must repeat the change for each separate database that they use (for example 'production', 'test' and so on).

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24 February 2020