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IBM is pleased to announce a new support option available to you when your software reaches end of service (EOS). IBM now offers Continuing Support for select ECM products and releases. This offering provides you with continued access to the same knowledgeable global Support team you are working with today.


IBM is pleased to announce a new support option available to you when your software reaches end of service (EOS). IBM now offers Continuing Support for select ECM products and releases. This offering provides you with continued access to the same knowledgeable global Support team you are working with today.

World-Class Software Support

Under your IBM Passport Advantage agreement's (International Passport Advantage Agreement or International Passport Advantage Express Agreement) Software Subscription and Support (S&S) terms, you receive comprehensive cross-platform technical assistance from a team of highly skilled Support experts. Additionally, you get flexible upgrade protection, access to the latest software versions and releases, remote technical support, 24x7 support for business-critical outages, online self-help resources, and unlimited electronic and voice access (where available) to world-class global IBM Software Support Centers.

Continuing Support Option

Continuing Support extends support for your software beyond its EOS date. When your software versions reach their end of service date and support is no longer available through standard Software S&S, you now have the option for Continuing Support and no longer need to tackle support issues on your own.

Continuing Support Program Benefits

This exciting offering allows you to enjoy many of the S&S benefits that you have told us matter most to you, including:

· 7 days, 24-hour support for mission-critical emergencies (Severity 1)
· Provided by voice in most countries.
· Provided in English, with the local language accommodated when possible.
· Remote problem analysis and assistance during normal country business hours in your time zone.
· Support for routine, short duration installation and usage questions.
· Response time objective of two hours during prime shift for voice and electronic problem submissions.
· Response objective for critical/emergency problems during off-shift hours is two hours.
· Unlimited number of technical support incidents.
· Access to documentation, technotes, and other online product material.
· Access to existing available fixes created before the product's EOS date to correct known defects.

The Continuing Support offering does not include:

· Voice and electronic access support for code-related problems.
· Development analysis of new defects.
· Development of or packaging fixes that are not already available.
· Support for Supporting Programs and third-party components.
· Infrastructure that is not included in the software version’s Hardware and Software Requirement page.

Note that product versions that are past their EOS date might contain defects, errors, or security vulnerabilities that will not be fixed as part of Continuing Support, and will remain vulnerable to exploitation and disruption of data and service availability. Notwithstanding coverage of these versions under Continuing Support, IBM strongly recommends upgrading to a currently supported version. Your continued use of versions of products that are past their EOS date is done at your own risk, and IBM will have no responsibility or liability for any damages arising from such use.

Program Participation

To receive Continuing Support, you need only to maintain active S&S for licenses deployed for the software.

Complete Coverage for Mission-Critical Installations

In addition to Continuing Support, IBM still provides the option for Service Extensions (SE). Customers have the choice between Continuing Support and Service Extensions. For mission-critical installations, it is highly recommended that you continue to pro-actively purchase a Service Extension to receive full defect and development support assistance. By adding this offering, you are maintaining the same full defect support coverage you received before the end of service date, further protecting your installation. If you require development or defect support assistance after the end of service for any version, including during the life of Continuing Support or with an active Upgrade Bridge contract, you are required to purchase a Service Extension at that time at IBM's specified charge in order to receive such support. Contact your IBM sales representative for more information, or to purchase these options.

ECM Products and Releases Covered Under Continuing Support Option

· Case Foundation 5.2 and later
· Case Manager 5.1 and later
· Case Manager for Investigations 5.2 and later
· Content Foundation 5.2 and later
· Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) 3.0.4 and later
· Content Navigator 2.0.3 and later
· Daeja ViewONE Professional 4.1 and later
· Daeja ViewONE Virtual 4.1 and later
· Datacap 9.0, 9.1 and later
· Datacap FastDoc Capture 1.2 and later
· FileNet Capture 5.2 and later
· FileNet Content Manager 5.0, and later
· FileNet Image Manager Active Edition 5.1 and later
· FileNet Image Services 4.1 and later
· FileNet Image Services Utilities - DART 1.8.2 and later
· FileNet Image Services Utilities - HPII 3.3.8 and later
· FileNet Image Services Utilities - MRII 3.3.8 and later
· FileNet Print 4.4 and later
· Production Imaging Edition 5.3.x
· Content Collector 4.0 and later
· Content Collector for SAP Applications 4.0 and later
· Content Integrator 8.6 and later
· Content Integrator Enterprise Edition 8.6 and later
· Content Integrator for z/OS 8.6 and later
· Enterprise Records 5.1 and later

ECM Products under Limited Continuing Support

· FileNet Application Engine - Continuing Support 1-May-2019 until 30-Apr-2022 -
· FileNet Workplace XT - Continuing Support 1-May-2019 until 30-Apr-2022 -
· FileNet eForms 4.0 and later - Continuing Support  1-May-2019 until 30-Apr-2022 -

For Information Lifecycle Governance (ILG) products, refer here -


1. Why should I take advantage of Continuing Support?

Continuing Support provides flexibility for you to remain up and running on your software version with non-defect Support until you are able to upgrade to the latest version. Continuing Support provides uninterrupted access to many of the benefits of S&S and is more affordable than other options, such as a Service Extension.

2. What is the cost of Continuing Support and how do I buy it?
Continuing Support is available when you maintain active S&S. To avoid possible delays in receiving Support, you are encouraged to email or your Sales contact.

3. I am on a software version that is out of support, and would like to benefit from this offering.
Continuing Support is now available to clients running on select ECM products and releases as noted above. To learn more about Continuing Support for your installations, please contact your local sales representative or email inquiries to

4. Are Limited Availability fixes included with Continuing Support?
Continuing Support assistance provides you with access to pre-existing and available fixes. Limited Availability fixes are NOT created as part of this offering. If a Limited Availability fix is required, you first need to purchase and sign a contract for a Service Extension.

5. Should I purchase a Service Extension (SE) instead of relying on Continuing Support assistance?
If your business requires the same comprehensive full-defect coverage it relied on before the EOS date, you must purchase a service extension, if available. A service extension is recommended for maximum coverage for your mission critical installations.

6. What if I have already purchased a Service Extension (SE) for my software licenses?
You can take advantage of Continuing Support upon expiry of your Service Extension.

For more information
To get more information about the Continuing Support offering, email us at

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