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Content Navigator Version 2.0.1 known problems, issues, and limitations

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This document contains a list of the problems, issues, and limitations that were known at the time of publication.


In addition to reviewing this list, you should search the IBM Support site for any updates that might be available. To search the IBM Support site for IBM Content Navigator, go to IBM Content Navigator Support Portal.

IBM Content Navigator general problems, issues, and restrictions
No choice lists are displayed when you search for multiple classes

IBM Content Navigator for Microsoft Office general problems, issues, and restrictions
IBM Content Navigator 2.0.1 for Microsoft Office does not support folder entry template file type association
Dynamic folder searches are not shown in the Browse tree

Configuration problems, issues, and restrictions
You cannot change the name of the web application in the Configuration and Deployment tool
The IBM Content Manager SSL configuration option is not set correctly

Viewer problems, issues, and restrictions
Some viewers have client and server side support limitations

External data services problems, issues, and restrictions
External data services does not support multiple classes for search
Field values and other field properties that are returned by the external data service are applied to all the conditions for a property

Non-English problems, issues, and restrictions

Documentation updates
Content Navigator configuration settings that impact IBM Content Navigator for Microsoft Office
Configuring connections to highly available IBM FileNet Content Manager repositories

Internal Use Only

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Modified date:
17 June 2018