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"Connection reset by peer: socket write error" error message.



This documentation provides some explanation on the following error message that you may get in the weblogic console, or Maximo logs, when working with WebLogic and Maximo: Connection reset by peer: socket write error

Resolving The Problem

When working with Maximo (with WebLogic) you may get the following error in the mxserver prompt:

Error message: Connection reset by peer: socket write error.

This basically means that a network error occurred while the client was receiving data from the server. But what is really happening is that the server actually accepts the connection, processes the request, and sends a reply to the client. However, when the server closes the socket, the client believes that the connection has been terminated abnormally because the socket implementation sends a TCP reset segment telling the client to throw away the data and report an error.

A connection reset by peer message means that the site you are connected to has reset the connection. This is usually caused by a high amount of traffic on the site, but may be caused by a server error as well.

Sometimes this can be solved by this documentation:

WebLogic Server Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Tuning and Garbage Collection (see link below):

Usually waiting a short amount of time and trying to access that site again is all it takes to get through to it. Connection Reset by Peer is a tcp/ip error which is sent when the remote peer (e.g. client) lost information about the tcp/ip connection to the server (e.g. machine went down, etc)

The most common time you would get this would be if the user exited out of the browser (or off the web) , using the 'X' , before the servlet was complete (you may also get it if the user hit re-load or went to another web page, however those are generally Socket Closed exceptions). It means that the client cancelled the connection before it had been completely set up - such as by the end-user pressing the "Stop" button. People's patience being what it is, sites with response-time problems or slow network links may experiences this more than high-capacity ones or those with large pipes to the network.

Should you need any assistance on this case, please contact Maximo Support Services.

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