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Connecting NPS with Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle)

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How do I connect to my NPS server with Pentaho Data Integration (formerly Kettle)?


This article shows how to set up a connection to the NPS server in Pentaho Data Integration (PDI) on a Linux client. PDI is a tool to integrate and transform data with its ETL capabilities. The following example uses PDI Open version 3.1.0 and NPS version 4.6 P2.

First, download and extract the PDI software from here.  Unzip it to a folder of your choosing, for example /tmp/pdi-open-3.1.0-826.

1. Download the Linux JDBC driver and extract the nzjdbc3.jar driver to /tmp/pdi-open-3.1.0-826/libext/JDBC.

2. Open a command prompt and launch Spoon:

cd /tmp/pdi-open-3.1.0-826
 3. When the "Select a repository" screen comes up, select No Repository.

4. Under the main tree panel on the left hand side, double click on Jobs.

5. The "Spoon - Job 1" screen appears. Click the View button (upper left of screen):

6. Under Job1, you will see an entry named Database connections.  Right click on Database connections, then choose New Connection Wizard.  

7. Complete the fields to select a database name and type.
1. Enter the name of the database connection (NPS_Server).
2. Choose Netezza from the "Type of Database to connect to" list.
3. Choose Native (JDBC) for the  "Type of database access to use."
4. Click Next to proceed.

8. Set the JDBC settings:
1. Enter a hostname (or IP address).
2. Enter port 5480.
3. Enter the database name.
4. Click Next to proceed.

9. Provide the username and password. These are the login credentials that have been previously set for the database you are trying to connect to.

10. Click the Test database connection button. You should get a pop up window with a successful test. If the test is not succesful, run through the steps again to ensure nothing was missed. If you still are not able to connect, contact Customer Support.

Once successfully configured, you can use this connection to create jobs as needed.

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