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Configuring Telelogic License Server and Rational License Server on the same system

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How can an IBM Telelogic License Server (TLS) and IBM Rational License Server (RLS) be setup on the same machine?


Below are the steps to configure Telelogic License Server (newer version v TL 2.0) and IBM Rational License Server (older version v7.0) on the same machine: refer to the technote # 1412585 when both Rational & Rational Telelogic products are using the same version of FlexLM v11.5 (TL 2.0 & RLS 7.1)

The usual way of setting up a License Server using Rational Products is different from Telelogic Products.

The difference being that Rational License Keys which are generated as .Upd files need to be imported onto the Rational License Key Administrator and once the server is configured they use the rational_server_perm.dat file.

Where as Telelogic Products do not use the License Key Administrator, they are directly hosted as .dat files from LMTOOLS. And Telelogic products use the "telelogic.exe" Daemon and Rational products use "rational.exe" and "ibmratl.exe" Daemon's respectively.

Make sure that the following conditions are met while trying to use both Rational and Rational TL licenses from the same license server machine:

  • Flexnet version for both license servers should be different (lmgrd.exe used for each of the service created). Rational license Server 7.1 (uses Flexnet 11.5), and the latest version of IBM Rational license TL 2.0 (also uses Flexnet 11.5), hence use Rational License server earlier to v7.1 (which uses Flexnet version less than 11.5) can be used.
  • The services created (from '"Config Services" tab from LMTOOLS ) for Rational License manager service and the Telelogic License Server service should use different version's of lmgrd.exe. (The possible causes of the conflicts occur when License Server services for Rational and Rational Telelogic products uses the same version of lmgrd.exe, which knocks off either of the services alternatively.)
  • Also from LMTOOLS go to "service\License file" tab(first tab) and have the option LMTOOLS to ignore the environment variable path checked.

Steps to Set-up:

  1. Install both versions of license server software
    · Rational License server 7.0 (Flexnet v11.4) which installs the 'rational.exe' and the 'ibmratl.exe' daemon files.
    · IBM Rational License Server TL v2.0 (Flexnet v11.5) which installs the 'telelogic.exe' daemon.
  2. Open LMTOOLS utility from start>Programs>IBM Rational>IBM License server TL 2.0 -> LMTOOLS
  3. From "service\License file" tab(first tab) and have the option LMTOOLS to ignore the environment variable path checked.
  4. Go to "Config Service" Tab -> Create a service for Rational License Manager and point the lmgrd.exe to v11.4, point the 'rational_server_perm.dat file'.Create a Ratl_license.log file, and save the service.
  5. Create service for Telelogic License Manager and pint to the lmgrd.exe from the directory for IBM Rational License server TL 2.0 which has lmgrd.exe v11.5.Create a license log file. Save the service.
  6. Select each of these services created and then Go to start/Stop/re-read and start the server. Re-read the license file.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The latest version of Rational License Server v8.1.1 has both ('telelogic' & 'rational' ) daemons merged into one and now available as 'ibmratl' daemon. Hence installing two different license servers can be avoided with this version.

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