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Configuring Squid Caching Proxy for Rational Team Concert 2.0 on Websphere Application Server

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How can you configure IBM Websphere Application Server with Squid caching proxy if using a non 9443 port in IBM Rational Team Concert?


Referenced documentation: Setting up the Squid Caching Proxy w/SSL for Rational Team Concert 2.0

Due to work item 93515, it is not possible to configure Squid with Rational Team Concert if using a non 9443 port.

However, a workaround exists when Rational Team Concert is deployed on Websphere Application Server, and is detailed below.


  1. Open the Websphere Application Server Admin console
  2. Browse to the JVM Properties of the server instance when Rational Team Concert has been deployed:

    Application Servers --> your_server --> Process Definition --> Java Virtual Machine --> Custom Properties
  3. Add the following 2 custom properties:

    - trusthostheaderport=true

  4. Save your changes and restart the Websphere Application Server server
  5. Verify the new properties are displayed with expected values

  6. Proceed with Squid configuration as detailed here.

Note: this TechNote only applies when:

  • Running Rational Team Concert on Websphere Application Server
  • Setting up the Squid Caching Proxy w/SSL for Rational Team Concert 2.0

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