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Configuring SendMail to use username and password authentication

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How do I configure SendMail to use username/password authentication?


At some locations, emails are relayed using the authentication method specified by the SMTP server. In NPS 4.6.2 and later, SendMail can be configured to send emails from the NPS system using a username and password. To do so, edit the /nz/data/config/sendMail.cfg file, changing the values for login.usernameand login.password, and setting the login.method to 1.  Then copy a backup of/nz/data/config/sendMail.cfg to /nz/support/etc/.

The following is a sample of the sendMail.cfg file:

# Configuration parameters for sendMail program.
# Mail server name and port = mailservername or IP address
mailServer.port = 25
# Note: Uncomment and set the entries below to enable authentication based on username, password and authentication method.
# Login information
login.username  = Mailuser
login.password  = Mailuser123
# Login method of mail server
# Enter value as
# 1 for AUTH LOGIN
# Note: User authentication will not be done, if above value is not provided
login.method    = 1
# Sender information "NPS Event Manager"
sender.address  =
# Other
# Note: Valid separators between multiple mail addresses are ',' or ';'
cc              =

There is no need to restart any services after changing the sendMail.cfg file for changes to take effect.

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