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Configuring the JVM parameter

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Why use this parameter and what are some common issues when it is used


The Reporting feature guide describes that this parameter "Specifies location of temporary folder on the Server for BIRT Runtime and temporary files created during the report execution", but it does not necessarily explain why we would want to do this.

Two reasons why this parameter setting is useful are:

1) It allows you to force the JVM(s) to use specific folders for the temporary files.
2) At times, these temporary report files can consume large amounts of disk space which you may not have available on the web server.

There are a few caveats to be aware of:

1) The path you enter as the value for this parameter must match the path formatting for your Operating System. For example, a DOS path uses "\", whereas a UNIX path would be a "/". if you input an invalid path, the directory will not be created when the JVM starts and you will either receive errors when you attempt to run reports because the folder will not exist.

2) If you are running a multi-JVM server (cluster) and you utilize this parameter each JVM must have a unique folder identified for this parameter value. For example, if you have a 3-node cluster with 3 JVMs called PROD1, PROD2, and PROD3 and you utilize this JVM parameter, you would want to use a path like "C:\Temp\PROD1Temp", "C:\Temp\PROD2Temp", "C:\Temp\PROD3Temp" as the values. If you do not do this, conflicts will arise when reports are being executed and you will find that you intermittently receive server errors.

Additional details on this parameter are discussed in the Reporting Feature Guide.

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17 June 2018