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Configure a TM1 Computing Resource

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This Technote provides detailed steps to configure a TM1 computing resource.


SSL is enabled by default on the TM1 Server (UseSSL=Tin the tm1s.cfg file). TM1 REST API based clients such as Cognos Command Center must use SSL to connect to a TM1 model where UseSSL=T is set.

The SSL certificate used by Cognos Command Center to connect to the TM1 Server must be 'issued to' the system name of the system running the TM1 Server. When using the default SSL certificate included with TM1 the 'issued to' name is tm1server. It's not possible for Command Center ignore the certificate 'issued to' name mismatch.

Instead of replacing the SSL cert used by the TM1 Server it's possible to add an alias named tm1server to the host file on the system running Command Center for the system running the TM1 Server.

The TM1 Computing Resource is configured as follows:

The port number used in the 'Server endpoint' must match the value of the HTTPPortNumber parameter in the tm1s.cfg file.

The connection to the TM1 Server is made from the Command Center Agent. The Command Center Agent is Java based. This means that an SSL cert will need to be imported into a Java cacerts certificate store for the JRE being used by the Command Center Agent.

The following documentation explains how to use the Java keytool.exe command to import the SSL cert:

The default TM1 Server SSL certificate mentioned in the above document can also be found in the ..\tm1_64\bin64\ssl\tm1svrcert.pem file. The following steps can be used to export this file in Base64 format

1 - Copy the file and rename the copy to tm1svrcert.cer
2 - Double click on the new tm1svrcert.cer file to open it with the Windows certificate manager
3 - Click on the Details tab
4 - Click Copy to File
5 - On the Certificate Export Wizard click next, select Base 64 format, then click next again
6 - Complete the export (file extension for the exported cert file can be either pem or cer)

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15 June 2018